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Ngoma Hill At Time to Arrive Feature Artist-poet musician 11/15/2022 6 PM PDT
Ngoma is a performance poet,multi-instrumentalist,singer/songwriter,Artivist and paradigm shifter, who for over 50 years has used culture as a tool to raise socio-political and spiritual consciousness through work that encourages critical thought. A former member of Amiri Baraka’s “The Spirit House Movers and Players” and the contemporary freedom song duo”Serious Bizness”,Ngoma weaves poetry and song that raises contradictions and searches for a solution to a just and peaceful world.
Ngoma was the Prop Slam Winner of the 1997 National Poetry Slam Competition in Middletown,CT and has been published in African Voices Magazine,Long Shot Anthology,The Underwood Review,Signifyin’ Harlem Review,Bum Rush the Page/Def Poetry Jam Anthology,Poems on the Road to Peace-(Volumes 1,2,and 3)Yale Press and Let Loose On the World-Amiri Baraka at 75. The Understanding Between Foxes and Light-Great Weather For Media and New Rain/Blind Beggar Press 35th Anniversary Issue. He was featured in the P.B.S spoken word documentary The Apropoets with Allen Ginsburg Ngoma was selected as the Beat Poet Laureate of New York for 2021 by The National Beat Poetry Poetry Foundation His newest work “I Didn’t Come Here to Tap Dance (A Poetic Memoir) ” is a collection of poems spanning half a century inspired by a commitment to the Most High to create art to raise socio-political and spiritual consciousness and to encourage critical thought.
Mimi German At Time to Arrive Feature Artist-poet activist 11/22/22 6PM PST

Mimi German is a poet and subversive artist dividing her time between life in the wilderness of Oregon’s Steens Mt. and the urban strife of Portland, OR. Her first book of poetry, Beneath the Gravel Weight of Stars, was released in 2022 weaving her experiences as an advocate for unhoused Portlanders through poetry. Born a wanderer, Mimi left Philadelphia for NY in ‘82 for college. It was in NYC during the Reagan Administration that her first of a few arrests for non-violent civil disobedience occurred. After college she joined the peace movement, Shalom Achshav (Peace Now), in Israel arriving just before the first Palestinian uprising. After returning to the US, Mimi split time between Cambridge, MA and Halifax, Nova Scotia eking together money through nude modeling and as a musician busking on the streets of Halifax and Cambridge. In ’95, she hit the road to head west to Oregon where she still resides. In 1997, Mimi was arrested again on Shoshone land in Nevada with the late Chief Corbin Harney against a proposed uranium dumpsite. In 2011 after the Fukushima nuclear fiasco, Mimi started an
international group called RadCast which documented citizen radiation readings post Fukushima, from around the globe. She was often asked to speak about the reality of radioactive toxicity around the globe on national and international talk shows. She was a frequent guest on Michael J. Ruppert’s show, The Lifeboat Hour and had a special weekly spot for radiation readings on Thom Hartman’s show. After many years and after it was clear that we as a society, will never be
rid of nuclear power, Mimi chose to act locally instead by doing direct support for unhoused people in Portland, OR. She is still doing that work today.
Mimi’s poetry has been published in the New Generation Beats Anthology 2022 and in the National Beat Poetry Foundation’s, Remembering Jack Kerouac On His 100th Birthday. Her poems have also been published in the UK in International Times (IT), Steel JackDaw Magazine and in the US, The Hopper Magazine, The Mantle, Three Line Poetry (Vols. 51/52), New Verse News and was a finalist in The Poetry Box and The Hopper for best chapbook manuscript. Her
poems can also be found in the testimony files of Portland City Council sessions between 2017-2020.
Beneath the Gravel Weight of Stars is available at
Amazon: amzn.to/3CNdFCv
Powell’s Books: bit.ly/3ILkCFD
The Poetry Box: bit.ly/3GBwIzT #spokenword #poetry #literature