The awakening began in a small grove of black oak trees on Collins Street in Fort Worth Texas. Then the road wound around a few stops in other towns and cities of Texas, Zapata, Del Rio, and finally ending with radio days in Space City. Under summer fog, the strong lure of Berkeley Dane Ince came west to study fine art and acting and to write ever so occasionally. Personal tragedy and the pandemic focused the artist’s mind and hundreds of poems have resulted along with special online programing events on Facebook. “Outrage Against Racism” which was produced on the author’s birthday and happens to land on Holocaust Remembrance Day followed by St. Valentine’s Day Mascara an inclusive international and grown-up version of the celebration, Juneteenth was produced on the inaugural national holiday for the celebration of freed slaves in America, an international Day of the Dead event, and most recently, an event being a poetic gathering of writers from around the world in support of Ukraine. Dane Ince is an internationally published poet, named Beat Poet Laureate for California, and hosts a weekly open mic – Time to Arrive, and founder of EYEPUBLISHEWE.


The Whole Existential Novel

“The Whole Existential Novel – the journey from the dark side of the rainbow to Satchidananda” is out now and available for purchase worldwide. “One Thing” is a video poem and it appears in the book as a dedication to my wife Tish.