The San Francisco Story by Tish Ince

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San Francisco – Politic – Love – immigration story – culture – feminism – widowhood

The first edition of The San Francisco Story by London-born Black / Irish feminist poet and writer Tish Ince encompasses the move from England to hot San Francisco streets and the first year of her sudden marriage to Beat Poet Laureate for California and widowed husband, Dane Ince. This story of love and fire, strength and determination in what she calls ‘widow-land’ is woven between the connection and disconnection with her UK family and the US political backdrop of continued hate and oppression of Black men and women, the war in Ukraine, Buffalo and Uvalde shootings, Jan 6th Committee hearings, Roe vs Wade Supreme Court ruling, the acceptability of misogyny of all women, Monkey Pox and growing anti-LGBTQ sentiments across the US. The interludes of fear, mistrust, culture shock, change and many occasions of suitcases packed and unpacked are balanced with good food, ice cream, walks into a salsa city, the Bay Bridge mist, slow-dancing love and a growing disconnect from nature, UK friends, music and all that she knew in the green Gloucestershire countryside of her UK widow home.