St. Valentine’s Day Mascara Event

Mission and Future events

 Our mission is to focus the energy of poets, writers, artists, and musicians together and to do for ourselves that which we cannot do alone. This mission is accomplished by making common cause to publish our work and to reach beyond ourselves. Planning special events, variety shows, poetry readings, calls for submissions, and offerings like Saint Valentine’s Day Mascara allows us to reach around the world and embrace our human experience and soul. We all rise together by lifting each other.

For the year 2021 we are planning to publish an anti-racist anthology which is in the works now. People need to eat, laugh and love, and to fill their hearts, minds and souls along the way. Art and its connection to our daily lives is the nexus where Eye Publish Ewe will reside. Love, food, and laughter events that are in the development and preproduction stages include Saint Valentine’s Day Mascara, our first Variety Show featuring a poetry reading with special guests, performance art, and music.

Sunday 14 Feb 2021 7 PM GMT / 1 PM CST / 11 AM PST Eye Publish Ewe presents a production by Like a Blot from the Blue and Poetry in the Brew hosted by Ms. Noir Key phrases: Erotic Sensual Variety Red velvet theatre curtains open Enticing appeal of the other from searing hot to blistering frigid, darker side of romance to a sweet love poem romance, anti-romance balance femme/masc energy. Envisioning a more ambiguous image poetry + music + performance art = a date for everybody.

 A crack of light spills from Poetry’s doorway Like she’s straightening her stocking Beckoning onlookers to come and play Music’s low sleazy notes permeate the emptiness Weeping words whispered into the soft haze Dark bitter chocolate tinged with spice Mascara rivers flow from Performance Art’s soul Asking, hear me, see me, Be my lover in the darkened corners. In chorus We have dates for everyone Won’t you come play?

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