Tish Ince Poet Writer

Tish Ince Poet – is a London born Trinidadian / Irish feminist published poet, artist and theatre maker. She performs internationally and consciously. She is lipstick, boots, politic and verse! Compared in 2020 to UK spoken word artist Kae Tempest and most recently to black US ‘Harlem Renaissance’ poet Langston Hughes, Tish brings a modern lick to her take on fighting against racism and oppression. She was nominated for the 2019 Gloucestershire Poet Laureate and won a Paper Nations 2020 commission as a marginalised writer for South West England. Tish has featured and performed across UK, Scotland, Ireland, Paris, Nashville, Australia, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, India, Singapore, and at a plethora of poetry events and open mics. Her poetical and arts work in 2021 and 2022 continues with The Poets Live platform, her own poetry workshops, poet mentoring, marketing poetry and arts collaborations and her ongoing partnership work with Dane Ince, US National Beat Laureate for the State of Californa and founder of poetry and arts publishing house, EyePublishEwe. Tish has recently married Dane Ince and is now living in San Francisco.  Available now Good Grief… Please !- A dialogue with death and life