Eye publish ewe (EYEPUBLISHEWE) is a brand new publishing company, founded in San Francisco.  Art, music, video, poetry, and other literature will find inclusive shelter here. Quality work produced by the artists’ heart, mind, and soul rather than commercial interests will have this as a home.  All are welcomed with open minds and hearts and eyes to the future. Together we will publish art for humanity’s sake.

Founded during the pandemic of the 2020s, we have our eyes, ears, hearts, minds, and souls facing the future. Decades ago, the founder of EYEPUBLISHEWE pondered the ever-present questions of how the artist relates to audience. No answers were found then.   Naturally, these questions are ones mired in all manner of human considerations. The making of money is the largest obstacle. But it ought not be the sole reason why an artist’s quality work is kept from finding its audience.  In the face of such events, all our lives are lessened. When this happens, it is a tragedy.

EYEPUBLISHEWE sees a world full of promise and possibilities where amazing artists who create wonderful content can find their audience.  It is easy to blame the gatekeepers. We acknowledge they are there and move on to build our own counsel fire ring and invite new and not widely known storytellers to come out of the dark night shadows and share their lives with the world. Outsider art is mainstream now, if we imagine it so and yes, we can. 

At a Mardi Gras in New Orleans in the days before internet, a poet held up his xeroxed copy of his book of poems waving it in the fresh air and singing out “Buy my poems so I can sell them”. The work of another poet, much more famous locally, blowing bubbles in a bumble bee colored cap on the sidewalks of Berkeley, California is practically lost to the rest of the world.

Courage, vision, and the ability to say yes are what is needed. We can, because we will, and we will do.

Yes we can

Si nosotras podemos

Si se puede

Ano, můžeme

Hai, dekimasu


Da putem

Is féidir linn

Ouinous nous pousons

Тak, ми можемо

יא מיר קענען

Ya mir kenen

Wi nou kapab

Tak możemy

हाँ हम कर सकते हैं

haan ham kar sakate hain

Hongu tinogona


Wǒmen kěyǐ

Sì possiamo

Ya kita boleh

Tha sinn a’ cur

Bai, ahal dugu

Si podem

Yes, we can because we do not need to own a printing press anymore. With clicks of buttons and the flight of harnessed elections we can make art, music, poetry, literature, and all manner of our heart’s desires available to the world in an instant. The ocean is just now curling up to form a tsunami wave of imagination and communication and we can ride it if we will just surf on it to sharing all that makes us human.


Just as the photographic camera changed the way painters painted, the computer has changed the potential for how all art forms are made and shared. EYEPUBLISHEWE, plans to be a part of the coming renaissance and hopes you will join in the creating and experiencing the art for humanity’s sake that is available now or just coming into conscientiousness with each new day to dawn upon us.


EYEPUBLISHEWE envisions a future with traditional books, like court painters of portraits are still here, and a place for new formats for literature that employ words, sound and vision. http://www.eyepublishewe.com