The Whole Existential Novel


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One man’s journey from the dark side of the rainbow (grief resulting from the death of his spouse) into the spectrum of visible light (finding love again). This is a meditation, contemplation on the elements of dharma and the Tao of the arc of love and loss painted with poetry as a journalistic endeavor were it a piece of art by an abstract expressionist. In short, this is a poetry guide to radical acceptance (grief, living, love).


Dane Ince, The National Beat Poetry Foundation’s Beat Poet Laureate for California (2022-2024), pens this chronicle of his journey to Satchidananda. Dane traveled from his Texas place of birth to Berkeley, California, to study art. William S. Burroughs and South American writer Jorge Luis Borges are some of his favorites. He is on the Beat-dada spectrum between Marcel Duchamp and Andrew Goldsworthy.